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Choosing The Correct Thick Film Power Resistor

This article starts via discussing the fundamental construction of a thick movie energy resistor product. We then cowl the capability performance obstacles this production can motive and discuss the troubles to bear in mind when choosing a power resistor for a selected utility.

The creation of a thick film resistor product is a serial process. A substrate (commonly Alumina) is printed with a resistor paste that incorporates metal oxides and glass-based totally fillers, which together with a solvent forms a paste. The substrate and paste are then fired to burn off irregularities and solvents and to harden the substrate. The resistor element is then sealed to prevent moisture and fuel ingress.

Although thick film resistors are frequently the cheapest additives on a PCB a failure may be simply as catastrophic because the maximum highly-priced active element. Choosing the right first-class for a thick film resistor starts offevolved by way of describing its use as follows:

  • Describe the use and alertness.
  • Describe The surroundings for use. The key troubles to do not forget are temperature, moisture, competitive gases, mechanical stresses and EMC necessities.
  • Long term reliability requirements.
  • Specify the required first-rate widespread.

It may be the power resistor device is simplest required for a purchaser utility. In this example, the long term impact on performance due to electrical stresses or environmental elements which includes temperature may be beside the point.

Quality requirements may not be an problem if the electricity resistor is for a low-cost product with an expected short lifespan. However, if the device is for a navy application environmental elements and nice degrees will be a severe problem.

In excessive-reliability packages, the garage of additives, traceability and production methods could be critical. Microcracking in the substrate because of beside the point dealing with or trimming can motive failure. As can failure to seal the tool effectively to save you the ingress of moisture and gases (particularly sulphur and chlorine).

Thick movie energy resistor gadgets are exceedingly small, low fee and excessive reliability in most people of packages. But some expertise of the producing technique and capability failure modes is beneficial to make sure correct issue choice. The readability in the ideal requirements for the device will maximise the chances of long term issue reliability.

When an utility-unique resistor is the simplest answer, close cooperation with a expert resistor manufacturer can yield the first-class outcomes. Utilise the revel in of the supplier engineering groups to make certain the strength resistor device is healthy for cause.

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